About Us

"The Diameter of Our Knowledge Determines the Circumference of Our Sphere of Activity and Influence"

  CONCEPT COGNITION® INCORPORATED is an Alternative Educational Curriculum Design and Development Business that builds a construct for holistic thinking. We develop non-traditional educational curriculums and programs designed to complement the traditional math/science/reading/writing educational curriculums within learning institutions. Using our Metacognitive Approach to Teaching and Learning, our goal is to aid students in the development of their critical thinking, writing, analytical and reasoning skills, as well as their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual development. 


Concept - The basic elements of thought and the tools by which one classifies things; Regarded as intermediaries between the Mind and the World; A concept is an idea conceived in the mind; a Construct (a mental framework).


 Cognition - refers to a faculty for the human-like processing of information, applying knowledge and changing preferences. The term "cognition" is also used in a wider sense to mean the act of knowing or knowledge and may be interpreted in a social or cultural sense to describe the emergent development of knowledge and concepts within a group that culminates in both thought and action.



Be the Guiding Force for the Design and Development of "Wholistic Thinking" Curricula for Learning. 


Concept Cognition Incorporated provides the tools, technologies, and learning environment to optimally affect the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth and development of each learner.